Things property valuer list when evaluating property

This was not our only outside “retreat”. Through the gracious hospitality of some of our congregants, we have experienced God and nature simultaneously. We now make an annual pilgrimage to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Berman to celebrate SUKOT; In addition, we created a service whose theme was, “Shabbat under the Stars.” We convene at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Allan Morris.

From 1994 thru the present time our Sydney property Valuers has decreased in size to 26 families. The enthusiasm of its membership has maintained momentum and motivation. The Sisterhood remains the congregation’s stronghold of support. Although few in numbers, our members care about one another and the Synagogue. Indeed, there IS greatness in small numbers; we have opportunities for development and recognition that are not possible in the larger congregations.

Appalachians with 555 square miles of mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. It is a great place to retire. The fishing, hunting, hiking, biking and horseback riding through scenic mountain trails attracts many visitors. The waters of the Coosa river provide beautiful, affordable home sites. For the golfer Gadsden has four beautiful golf courses.

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